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martina weifenbach

Mindful business & living

love it. live it. share it.
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"Freedom comes from letting go

and saying no."


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Meditation Journey

(in German)

"Every pain has  a message for you. Are you ready to listen?"

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Innovation & Achtsamkeit in integrierten Organisationen


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for healing


Discover your potential to heal.  Let go of the suffering and learn simple tools to create your happiest life.

         through sharing


You deserve a great career and fulfilled relationships. My personal coaching is full of love and compassion for your vulnerability and your path to your purpose.

for growth


Tap into your creative potential together with your colleagues in different company workshops. Learn to design innovative business models and mindful firms.

I have a dream! My vision is to bring yoga and business together to make our world more mindful, loving, and caring.

I am a passionate yogi and teacher for Hatha yoga (500-hr), Yin yoga and Pre-and Postnatal yoga. I also hold a PhD in Innovation Management from the University of St Gallen. My research focused on startups and digital business models. Today, I call myself the happy CEO & Co-Founder of myndway.

Let's bridge the world of innovation, change, and personal growth with mindfulness.

I want to help you to find and shine your true self through personal coaching. This way, you will experience your most fulfilled, healthy, and happy life and become an inspiration to others.


Change is not only possible, but needed.

Our working world - startups, SMEs, large corporations - has yet to embrace the chances that come with the digital age. Instead of holding on to what was, my workshops facilitate the access to creativity, novel design, and optimism towards innovation and transformation. 

Purpose through sharing 

Personal coaching

Personal coaching

In a 1-on-1 coaching, we explore your true potential.

Reframe belief systems

You will understand limiting belief systems and learn to reframe those.

Purpose design

Design your greatest life using simple tools.

Innovation for growth

Workshops for firms

Business model

Design innovative business models using research-based tools.

Life purpose design

Apply methods to design your greatest career. Align your purpose with your job targets.

Mindfulness in the firm

Talks and workshops about the increase in collaboration, innovation, and creativity through mindfulness.

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Dr. Martina Maria Weifenbach


12047 Berlin | Germany

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