More loving kindness for our world! Now!

The past months, I have been watching the news and got ever more worried. Seriously, what is going on in our beautiful world? Why are people following crazy leaders? Why are family members killing each other for the sake of mislead persuasions? Why are brave minds’ careers sacrificed to injustice, as has happened to the German comedian Jan Böhmermann?

People seem to increasingly fall for mislead ideas

No matter where I go, it seems like people are falling for ideologies, persuasions, and leaders that to me seem plain wrong.

Having been in the U.S. the past couple of months, I observed the pre-elections with mere disbelief. Why would anyone fall for the harsh, mostly wrong comments of Mr T? Why would anyone support his ideas of empowering military or the elite classes? I saw so much poverty in California. When I walked to my office at UC Berkeley, I was confronted with a huge range of emotions every morning. The first thing I saw were people sleeping in the street. They would lie on the sidewalk surrounded by all their belongings. Some notably carried a lot of anger with the world with them – who can blame them; others debated the Upanishads or the Bhagavad Gita. Although it was never finally clear to me, how many people lived on the street by their own choosing, I definitely felt that many had not chosen to do so voluntarily. I noted injuries, both physically and mentally, and sad eyes. Before even entering my office, I had thus experienced compassion, desperation, disgust – I confess, and deep sadness. Why would people like you and me have to live like this? And how could anyone confronted with such misery even think of supporting a rich despot, who so clearly intends to ignore the issue of increasing poverty in central, prospering areas like the Bay Area?

The Brexit - a clear request for a world of separation?

On my way back, I passed through London. Heathrow Airport greated me with a wide range of Union Jacks coming in all forms and sizes. Everything screamed: England – chocolate boxes, Paddington bears, or socks. But to be honest: For me, this scenery of national pride just meant another symbol of separation. The European Union might not have brought the kind of union many had expected. But it is a union after all. The word itself signifies standing together, facing obstacles jointly, and identifying with each other. However, many people nowadays seem to be more interested in separation, standalone action, and disintegration. In fact, we do not only perceive those tendencies in England. England only brought a name to it: Brexit. They decided to exit a union ­– unity – togetherness. The world`s first reply was a drop of their currency. The next responses are forthcoming – we`ll see in time what they will be like. I am eyeing those ambitions for separation with huge caution. If people strive for a world of differences, how will this affect their notion of support for each other? How does separation work together with humanity, care, or kindness?

Where is the kindness? Where is the love?

Eventually, I arrived back home in Germany. The European Championships were just going on and the whole world was looking towards France. However, the media were rather dominated by hooligans of all sorts, by shootings, and by political turmoil. Instead of a shared passion for sports, even soccer had become a stage for sadness this year. And it has not ended since Portugal won. To the contrary, in Turkey only recently many people got shot after an uprising the world has not yet fully come to understand. While watching families and fellow countrymen attacking each other, I was wondering, what kind of leader would allow that? Where is the kindness? Where is the love? Where is the forgiveness? How many lives for one life….

So this is the crazy world of 2016 in a nutshell: Ignorance, separation, and uncertainty. I don`t want to believe this, I don`t want to fall for this. Instead, I want to SHOUT out to each and every one of you.

NO man/woman is an island. Let`s create unity and kindness together.

No man/woman is an island. What is going on in our world makes me wanna retreat and cry. But instead I decided to ask you for support. Let us be brave together. Let us be aware, mindful, and united. I truly believe that deep inside, every soul is good. So let us smile at each other, share and appreciate little acts of kindness, and jointly work towards a more mindful, loving, and caring world.

Let us make a difference. This is our world, our life, and our love!

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